[THIN] Re: OT: Scheduled demise of HP NetServers

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  • Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 12:04:51 -0700

All I can say is good ridance.

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Gee Steve, could you be talking about me?

You know many people still love things that are bad for them, smoking,
gambling, excessive drinking, HP Servers, etc. So I don't hold your comments
against you. I know that one day you'll stop and say "How could I have been
so blind for all these years, these Compaqs are the best!" 

And when you do I will welcome you with open arms ;-)


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> Subject: [THIN] OT: Scheduled demise of HP NetServers
> I know at least one of you out there is going to enjoy
> reading this! :-)
> Scheduled Discontinuance Dates for NetServers and
> their Compaq replacement in parenthesis
> HP Netservers TC3100 (ML350), TC4100 (ML370), LP1000r
> (DL360), LP2000r (DL380) and LXr8500 (DL760) are
> scheduled to be discontinued 9/1/02.
> HP NetServers LH3000 (ML370), LH6000 (DL580, DL760,
> ML750) and LT6000 (DL580, DL760) are scheduled to be 
> discontinued 7/1/02.
> The TC2100 remains in production with hpq (of course,
> the one box I think they should dump).
> All other NetServers are already discontinued.
> So the moral here is, if you want real HP server
> equipment, get it now before they're gone!
> Having just setup a ML350 last week, I can say that
> Compaq has greatly improved their lower-end product
> (whether it's reliability has improved remains to be
> seen), and their pricing scheme has dropped to more
> reasonable levels.
> My only real complaints about this box - a single fan
> failure can take the box down (as is also on the
> TC3100); accessing some parts of the box is still a
> pain (maybe compaq engineers have really petite
> hands?) and StupidStart is as bad as ever (maybe at
> least Navigator will replace it?).
> Conversely, Compaq has already implemented some
> HP-inspired features - namely cheesy plastic front
> bezels that won't close tightly, just like on HP
> NetServers! And it's quite stylish, reminiscent of an
> old LaSalle grill.
> So anyhoo, I'm off to brush up on IBM's server
> lineup...
> Regards.

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