[THIN] Re: OT Remote control PCs behind NAT firewall

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  • Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 10:26:54 -0500

VNC will require firewall configuration to pass the proper port through,
unless you set it to use port 80 inbound.  I think that would work.

If you want something to use that requires no firewall config then the
big name is GoToMyPC for smal volume or GoToAssist for enterprise.  Both
are from Citrix Online. 
With GoToAssist, the general setup is the endser goes to a webpage and
requests help from the tech.  It downloads a component, and you take
control. GoToMyPC is the same premise but you as the tech would go to a
website and click into someones computer.
If your going to use it for more then a handful of machines, GoToAssist
is what you'll probably have to use.  It's NOT cheap however, but it's
probably the best tool for this type of support. Even though I support
99% of my users via Remote Administrator or RDP, we still pay go
GoToAssist for those users when RAdmin/RDP is not a viable options.

There are other shareware type products that either work through port 80
or in a GoToAssist type fashion but using actual software clients
instead of a web interface, but still transmit data over port 80.  I've
not used any of those however. 

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Two words..
Tight VNC..
Free - remote control pc desktops - rocks.
Saved me more travel time that I could care to count.
Bruce Jarrett-Norton
Dart Energy Corporation
BTW: We install Tight VNC on the users side and having start as a
service.  Then we use what is called Ultra to control the pcs.

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        My company is using Citrix more and more from remote locations.
Unfortunately I'm tending to run into PC OS problems more often then not
and talking the users through the simplest tasks in some cases is very


        Does anyone know of a web based remote control program what will
work without any firewall configuration and allow me to easily remote
control remote PCs? I would think it needs to be HTTP based so I can
easily traverse firewalls. Citrix has "go to my PC" but it is
expensive...I need something cheaper.


        Most of the PCs are XP and have RDP but that would require me to
setup port forwarding on the firewalls and I don't want to do that.


        Any suggestions?


        Matthew Shrewsbury, MCSE+Internet MCSE 2000 CCA

        Network Administrator


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