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> I agree.  I did the exact same thing for one of our biggest 
> clients (in the broadcasting industry).  They have an 
> application that needed a real interface for launching the 
> application.  I created an HTA for that purpose. I also 
> created a few other HTA's that was for user management, 
> creating a new DB for their application, backing up the 
> application via FTP (as this environment is completely 
> isolated from their production environment).  I'm planning on 
> re-writing them in VB.Net 2003.  This would provide me more 
> flexibility, just by the nature of having more abilities with 
> VB than with Vbscript.

I think what I like about HTAs is effectively having the browser as a
resource, but not any of the security restrictions that it's model has.
So HTML is very real as a prospect for that sort of thing, but HTA also
means you have some very groovy control on the interface (via the HTA
type object) as well as further enhancements in standard stuff (the
"trusted" perspective, that, say, allows you to do-away with chrome).

> I don't do this for every client.  If someone has a specific 
> need, we would consider it.  The HTA's and the applications 
> I'm going to create are going to be owned by our client.  It 
> was developed for them.  They basically bought it.  I would 
> imagine we would license the applications under an Open 
> Source license (like GNU or GPL).

Oh indeed - I'd agree. What I've written for my employer, is theirs, and
not mine to sell.

However, the skills and rationale used to develop *solutions* using that
sort of approach, well that's more what I'm thinking.

> I should also mention that I AM NOT A PROGRAMMER.  I am a 
> Network Engineer. I happen to know how to write code for 
> applications or scripts.  It's challenge.

Well my history goes back as being a UNIX systems programmer for some
years, so I do have some experience there, but don't write any *true*
code on the windows platform.

> I would never 
> imagine doing it on my own or as an employee as a full time 
> job.  Playing with technology is way too much fun!

A very good point, and one that's stuck a chord with me.

Variety has been one of my great enjoyments in work over the past few
years. I'd be unwilling to give that up, and just be a code monkey.

I think that was one aspect of my initial question - it was more
developing of a true end-to-end / integrated solution that seemed
appealing, and I guess, the enquiry as to whether there's any likely
demand for that.

Because to a certain degree, in the same way that I can sit here and
question whether there's any likely commercial demand for the sort of
thing I've been doing - in just the same way - I can sit here and think,
well if I'm doing this as an employee - therefore, so must others - so
there may be not much in the way of demand. Which goes to some way as to
why I phrased my question, I guess.


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