[THIN] OT: Printer Problems

  • From: Phil Smith <psmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 10:07:19 -0400

I have multiple HP LaserJet 4000 series printers.  They all use postscript
drivers because the ERP system only prints in PS through windows clients.
Mixture of NT4 and 2K clients and 2K Citrix servers and a Windows 2k server
where all the print queues are located.

On the 4000 printers there are multiple trays.  Each tray has its own print
queue on the print server.  Such as Tray 2 is plain paper, tray 3 is
letterhead, tray 4 is legal size paper.  Each printer on the print server is
set to only use its tray.  Such as printer called accounting-plain will go
to tray 2.

This works perfectly with the NT4 clients.  Unfortunately on the 2k clients
and servers I always get tray 1 manual feed.  This baffles me because I
thought all the settings from the server were suppose to flow down to the
clients that attach to the printer.  Prints from the print server work right
(go to the right trays) any 2K client that connects get the wrong tray.

Anyone seen this before or have a solution to the problem?  It is driving me
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