[THIN] OT - Nigerian Scams

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  • Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 07:16:49 -0700

Ha...Mine trumps your Jim.  It comes with a phone number!  Anyone have $30K
to dial at $10K a minute?

----- Forwarded by Adam Baum/genserv/mesaaz on 03/12/2003 07:16 AM -----
                                               To:       sule11@xxxxxxxx        
                      03/12/2003 02:10         cc:                              
                      AM                       Subject:  Good Day!!             

Dear Friend,

I am Mr. sule o. Abacha the third son of late General Sanni Abacha
former Nigerian head of state, in May last year the present democratic
government of president Olusegun Obasanjo sent security men to my
most elderly brother's house Mohammed and recovered about seven
hundred million dollars (700m USD) cash kept in houseby my late father.

Visit this site http/www.newswatchingr.com of May 10th
edition and read the story for confirmation also 3.6
billion pounds sterling in a London account and the
2.2 billion Naira in a Nigeria account were frozen and
our properties confiscated including our business
empires, traveling documents confiscated.

my mother under house arrest the security men are also after me
I have US$10 million money hidden somewhere.
Now I want to move the money cash to abroad quickly as
government investigator are hunting around me to recover money.
Due to my present predicament I am soliciting to
entrust this money in your custody till this trail
period my family is over. For your assistance I will
give you 20% of the total money as soon as I reach to
a compromise with you.

I shall inform you of the security company and shipment modality via
diplomaticmeans. Please don't hesitate to assist me because I am verymuch
need of your help.

Thank you.
Sule o. Abacha.

please reply through (sule1@xxxxxxxxxxxx)or you call me on +234 80

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