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> Although LDAP is LDAP  Microsoft implementation of it is a 
> bit different than the open standard of LDAP.  

I'll ask again, in what *salient* manner?

MS AD is LDAP v2 and v3 compliant - I have not had any specific *LDAP*
issues accessing MS AD via other platforms.

> Specifically what is different, I would have to check, but I 
> was under the impression that there are objects in MS LDAP 
> that you cannot access or change using a different LDAP 
> client (such as UNIX's implementation of LDAP) I might be wrong.

The only difference I can think you are referring to, here, is the inetorg
thing - and that is an object / class thing, as opposed to a protocol thing.

The structure and security of the underlying directory behind the LDAP
protocol is not fully part of the spec.

I'll say again, I know of no protocol issues in accessing MS AD using pure
LDAP - and I say this with experience.

Unfounded or groundless accusations mean nothing, if they're not borne out,
or experienced in practice.

> I havent tried it myself so I couldn't give you specific 
> examples of the differences.

Then try it yourself, and then come back if you still have the same

In the meantime, accept the word of somebody doing this in the real world
(ie accessing MS AD using pure LDAP from diverse platforms), who's telling
you I've not encountered any protocol or access issues.

> In order to use DL's that are defined in an AD domain the 
> mail server would have to authenicate  to AD LDAP right?

You could either authenticate, or bind anonymously depending on the
configured security (which is outside of the spec of LDAP) in your AD.

Regardless, this is the same issue you'd have with *any* LDAP directory - I
urge you, if you truly are convinced there are such problems, then try it
for yourself, and report back.

In the meantime, I'll just say that your raised concerns are mostly
unfounded - unless you have very specific needs - and even then, they can be

I've not yet encountered *any* protocol issues with MS AD using LDAP.


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