[THIN] OT: Email errors with freelists

  • From: Adam.Baum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 12:52:31 -0700

HI All,

This is the second time that I have had this problem.  I send an email to
freelists and I get the error below a few hrs later.  When this occurs, I
get no Thin email for almost a day.  All my other internet email works
fine.    Anyone know what an "Enhanced Mail System Status Code (RFC1893):
4.4.3" means?


----- Forwarded by Adam Baum/genserv/mesaaz on 03/21/2003 12:50 PM -----

Delivery Failure Report
 Your        Unable to get SQL connection                                  
 was not     thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx                                            
 because:    Enhanced Mail System Status Code (RFC1893): 4.4.3             

What should you do?

   You can resend the undeliverable document to the recipients listed above
   by choosing the Resend button or the Resend command on the Actions menu.

   Once you have resent the document you may delete this Delivery Failure

   If resending the document is not successful you will receive a new
   failure report.

   Unless you receive other Delivery Failure Reports, the document was
   successfully delivered to all other recipients.

   prod1/mesaaz, city/mesaaz

         |  To:  thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx                                             
         |  cc:                                                                 
          Date:  11:44:59 AM Yesterday                                          
 Subject:        Unable to get SQL connection                                   

HI All,

I am attempting to add another server to a farm.  I was using an Access
database, but migrated to SQL Server this morning.  DSMAINT says everything
went well and the primary server is functioning normally.  When I go to add
the second server, I get an ODBC error when setting up the DSN.  The
failure message status is HYT00.  The second part of the msg is:
[Microsoft][ODBC Connection] Timeout.

Any ideas?

W2K SP2 XPe FR2.


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