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What makes compellent special?  What are they doing that other are not?  How
do they compare to say,  XioTech or DataCore?




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Have a look at the compellent stuff.. http://www.compellent.com/   It is
awesome and they do very cool stuff no one else is doing.......


 VMware Storage partner of the year, MS storage partner of the year... and
many many more.


I only know cause have been doing a lot research on of recent for the same
reasons you are.






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For those of you using VMWare Enterprise, what Data Storage devices are you
using for your VMs? 
Fiber Channel, iSCSI? 
We're looking at an IP Data Storage Unit (EqualLogic) that Dell sells, but
I'm not sure if this good enough for VMWare. 

Hector Minero 



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