[THIN] Re: OT - Citrix iForum in Edinburgh Scotland

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  • Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 23:20:03 +1100

Mallesons Stephen Jaques

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based on my trip to iForum in florida last year, i'd say definately go =

even though i travelled over 30 hours each way was worth it

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I'm definitely going this year - employer sponsored or summer holiday!
Edinburgh is a great place, my partner and I went there for the
Challenge Cup Final a couple of years ago and it's a lovely city.

The iForum stuff from the 2002 sessions are on the Citrix website,
they'll give you a feel for the event.  Personally I have never been but
it is supposed to be excellent.


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Subject: [THIN] Re: OT - Citrix iForum in Edinburgh Scotland

went last year

no they are very good

you usually have two or more 'tracks' for the day

with one aimed at technical people and others at manages etc.

the good think is you can chop and choose between them what you attend.

oh and Edinburgh is plenty of magic pubs!!

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> Subject:      [THIN] OT - Citrix iForum in Edinburgh Scotland
> Has anyone ever been to these, in that are they aimed at the technical

> person, or is it just lots of sales speak.
> Many thanks, and Best Regards,
> Phil Newman
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