[THIN] Re: OT - Cisco router question

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  • Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 16:54:48 -0400

That's what I was thinking I have it at 5, I assume they are each a
higher  lever so I am going to keep bumping it up, what kind of radius
server are you using to capture the logs? We are having do this for SOX
compliance with one of our asp users, and copying the log out as is may
not be enough for the.


David Teague

Support Analyst




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I'm not sure you may have to bump up the debug level for it to show up.
We use Radius which logs console and vty access to the event log.


Jobe Gates 

05/11/2005 03:57 PM 

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Are you logging to syslog or Radius server?


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05/11/2005 03:34 PM 
Please respond to thin 

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Any one out there know how setup logging on a Cisco 2600 router so that
it will log when someone logins to the router via telnet or the console?

David Teague 
Support Analyst 

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