[THIN] Re: OFFTOPIC --- unable to access internet

  • From: Adam Thompson <adwulf@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2011 02:58:25 +0100

On 24 August 2011 02:37, Jason CitrixADmin <jasoncitrix@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I realize this is way off topic, but got any suggestions?
> I have tried to make sure windows forgets the network, and have renamed and
> rebuilt the network SSID several times.  is there anywhere windows remembers
> the MAC address of the router?

Just a couple of ideas...

Firstly - could it be that the router has a firewall which has for
some reason 'blacklisted' your MAC, or perhaps have got some kind of
invalid config assigned to it?  I know you've blown it away to factory
defaults. so this is unlikely - but I'm wondering if maybe the factory
reset isn't doing what it's supposed to do.

Or maybe just go over the OS side of things.  Is it in MSIE you're
trying to get the connection?  Can you resolve <randomletters>.ws?
Can you ping

It looks like there's been a fairly recent firmware update for this
- which fixes 'DNS query issue for Internet connectivity check' as
well as 'Miscellaneous bug fixes'.  Have you got up to date firmware

I did a quick Google for issues with that router, and stumbled across
- which suggests that setting the speed/duplex on the adapter has
resolved this issue for a couple of people.  Not sure why this should
be, though.  Maybe it's one of those 'miscellaneous' bugs that are
addressed by the firmware?  If this is a bug, it might be with your
NIC drivers.  Now might be a good time to update them (if any such
updates are available).

If all else fails, I'd be plugging in a packet sniffer by this point.
See what's actually going on when you try to get out to the internet.
Are you getting sent RSTs in response to packets, or are they just not
going anywhere?

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