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  Interesting MS acquistion.  Means we should see all sorts of GPO goodness.


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                              October 2, 2006
                                                DesktopStandard Corporation Is 
Acquired by Microsoft 
Customers can continue to purchase DesktopStandard products 
      Portsmouth, NH - October 2, 2006 - DesktopStandard Corporation, the 
leading developer of Group Policy-based enterprise desktop management products, 
today announced it has been acquired by Microsoft Corp. The addition of 
DesktopStandard demonstrates Microsoft's commitment to help customers leverage 
the value of policy-based management and maximize the value of their 
investments in Microsoft Active Directory. 

"It's hard to find a dissatisfied DesktopStandard customer," says Larry 
Orecklin, General Manager, Microsoft's Windows Enterprise Management Division. 
"DesktopStandard solutions have helped Microsoft customers manage complexity 
and recognize value from their Active Directory deployments. Through this 
acquisition, we plan to enhance Group Policy and make desktop management easier 
so our customers can achieve a higher level of agility and business value." 

"Since our inception in 1997, I have enjoyed working with and learning from our 
customers. Joining with Microsoft will allow DesktopStandard to more quickly 
meet our goal of helping customers extend Group Policy to handle the majority 
of their distributed management tasks and to provide a more manageable 
environment for doing so," said DesktopStandard's CTO and cofounder, Eric 
Voskuil. "Customers will benefit now and into the future as our innovative team 
joins Microsoft in building the future of model-based management technologies." 
Voskuil will join Microsoft's Windows Enterprise Management Division in the 
role of Software Architect. 

DesktopStandard will continue to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of 
Microsoft while the DesktopStandard technology is transitioned to Microsoft. 
Customers can continue to purchase GPOVault®, ProfileMaker, PolicyMaker? 
Standard Edition and Share Manager from DesktopStandard and existing partners. 
ProfileMaker will be available only from existing DesktopStandard partners. 
Microsoft will continue to support customers according to the terms and 
conditions of existing agreements. Microsoft is not acquiring the PolicyMaker? 
Application Security business. 

PolicyMaker Application Security will be exclusively available from BeyondTrust 
Corporation, formerly a wholly-owned subsidiary of DesktopStandard. BeyondTrust 
is focused on enterprise security products that eliminate the need for security 
administrators to place trust in computers or users. BeyondTrust will continue 
to develop, sell and support PolicyMaker Application Security under the product 
name, BeyondTrust Privilege Manager. 

John Moyer, DesktopStandard's CEO and cofounder, states, "It is an exciting 
opportunity to move forward with BeyondTrust at a time when organizations are 
focused on increasing protection from zero-hour exploits, data theft, and 
unauthorized malicious use." Moyer will be joining BeyondTrust in the position 
of CEO. "By enabling the security best practice of Least Privilege with 
BeyondTrust Privilege Manager organizations find that they not only achieve 
these security goals, but also increase business productivity and regulatory 

To learn more about BeyondTrust Privilege Manager or any of DesktopStandard's 
Group Policy-based desktop management products, please:

           Read the acquisition FAQ 
       Read the full press release

From all of us at DesktopStandard, thank you for being part of the 
DesktopStandard community. We look forward to continuing to work with you. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the acquisition please call 
Scott McCarley at (603) 610-4265. 

                                    You received this letter at this address 
(andrew.wood@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) because you have provided your contact information 
directly to DesktopStandard, either on our website or for an activity that we 
have directly sponsored, and indicated your willingness to be contacted. 

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