[THIN] Re: New version of HR perspective doesn't work except for ADMIN users ver 4.0

  • From: Steve Snyder <steven_snyder@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 23:58:59 -0800 (PST)

I've seen a few applications where the users need
Write or even Modify permissions for the DLLs in order
to function properly - read-only permissions weren't
enough (the DLLs don't get modified, of course, but
for some strange reason that permission level was
necesary to run - I dunno why). And of course, the
DLLs could be in the app's folder, or in the system or
system32 folders.

By default, I always give Everyone Change rights to
the System and System32 folders (folder only, not to
the existing files) immediately after setting up TSE -
this way, they automatically get the Change
permissions for the applications' DLLs, but not for
the OS'.

--- "Mack, Rick" <RMack@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> If filemon isn't showing you anything, i.e. no file
> not found or access
> denied (you CAN set filters), then you're probably
> looking at a DLL issue,
> either where a DLL isn't registered globally, or
> where the DLL isn't being
> found in a non-admin user's search path (was change
> user /install mode
> used?).
> Also had an issue recently where an application
> failed for some users
> because of their default printer. Basically the app
> died after loading a
> particular printer driver DLL. Had to set the
> filemon filter on both the app
> AND explorer.exe to get that one.
> Regards,
> Rick
> Ulrich Mack
> rmack@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Volante Solutions
> 18 Heussler Terrace, Milton 4064
> Queensland Australia.
> tel +61 7 3246 7777
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jim Strowe [mailto:jstrowe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
> Sent: Monday, 10 March 2003 1:13 PM
> To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [THIN] New version of HR perspective
> doesn't work except for ADMIN
> users ver 4.0
> Metaframe XP (actually both-it's mixed mode)
> Vendor was in over the weekend to put up the version
> 4 of HR perspective.
> Short story ends with it doesn't get past a login
> screen unless you are an
> admin user.  I've tried filemon to see what fails
> and the items that fail
> appear to have correct permissions.
> (also freeware version of filemon gives 40 pages of
> data making it nearly
> impossible to pin down specifics)
> I'm leaning towards permissions since some child
> process of HRLOGON is
> obviously what fails. (:I get to the login and then
> after that it dies) Also
> if I put in a bogus user name the system does get
> far enough to tell me
> (that name/password ) is wrong.
> I've looked at user windows directory, various
> permissions and don't have
> much more clues.  Will start looking at registry
> keys and permissions next.
> Respond to postmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if you
> have any ideas.  (and yes
> obviously to the list)
> Thank goodness payroll works, but Monday is likely
> to be a BAD day.   I
> believe Jim K has run HR perspective, but haven't
> seen much else on the
> list.
> I do not relish 12 hour days on Sundays,,,,it's
> going to be a long week.

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