[THIN] Re: New version of HR perspective doesn't work except for ADMIN users ver 4.0

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  • Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 22:21:26 -0500

Be sure that your users have access to run cmd.exe  as I think there is
still some dos stuff going on with HR Perspective.
Also give the everyone group full access to the hrwin directories and make
sure they have write access to write to a temp directory someplace.  I think
perspective uses C:/temp by default.


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Metaframe XP (actually both-it's mixed mode)
Vendor was in over the weekend to put up the version 4 of HR perspective.
Short story ends with it doesn't get past a login screen unless you are an
admin user.  I've tried filemon to see what fails and the items that fail
appear to have correct permissions.

(also freeware version of filemon gives 40 pages of data making it nearly
impossible to pin down specifics)

I'm leaning towards permissions since some child process of HRLOGON is
obviously what fails. (:I get to the login and then after that it dies)
Also if I put in a bogus user name the system does get far enough to tell me
(that name/password ) is wrong.

I've looked at user windows directory, various permissions and don't have
much more clues.  Will start looking at registry keys and permissions next.

Respond to postmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if you have any ideas.  (and yes
obviously to the list)

Thank goodness payroll works, but Monday is likely to be a BAD day.   I
believe Jim K has run HR perspective, but haven't seen much else on the

I do not relish 12 hour days on Sundays,,,,it's going to be a long week.

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