[THIN] Re: New Subscription Advantage rules

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  • Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006 10:25:42 +1200

You are absolutely right. My point, which was left out in my brevity, was
that Citrix will automatically go with whatever solution/path forward
provides them with the most $$$. Citrix basically wanted us to back pay for
the years of expired SA - a direct upgrade to PS4 would have been much
cheaper and the XPa to XPe upgrade route was cheaper still. All three
options would get me to the same place, i.e,  having active SA - but Citrix
went with the most expensive route. Decent resellers who try to partner with
you and look out for your best interest will suggest the more creative and
cost savings path forward, which is what Xiologix did for us. So in my case
it wasn't a matter of the reseller simply providing a discount that Citrix
wouldn't, it was a case of the reseller saying being more concerned about
establishing good relations with us than Citrix was and saving us a lot of


On 7/22/06, Steve Greenberg <steveg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

As a reseller the situation is not quite black and white. Most of the change is procedural and affects the reseller more than the customer. Keep in mind, this is only about software renewals and not license purchases. The key difference is that the end user now buys the renewal from Citrix directly and they charge the full renewal $. This is typical for software companies and really not that big a deal.

There are two differences for the customer- 1) Citrix will charge you the
full retail renewal %, some resellers have discounted this to the customer
in the past. The situation described below is not typical because it
compared a full upgrade to PS 4 versus an upgrade to XPe with Subscription
Advantage.  Typically there will not be a huge difference in price for
renewals to end users   2) The end user needs to specify who their reseller
is for the reseller to get credit on the renewal, it is no longer automatic.
This is important because otherwise Citrix does cut out the reseller from
the process. I encourage everyone to support their Citrix resellers and be
sure to click to give them credit when renewing!!

Steve Greenberg

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I don't think you're far off the mark, although SKUs are irrlevant since
the licenses are all elctronic now (i.e., e-mailed to you). But a good
reseller (like Xiologix :) ) will try to save you money wheras Citrix won't.
Example -  I upgraded 200 XPa licenses with expired SA to XPe (and then
fulfilled to PS4) for about $18K - Citrix wanted $70K!

On 7/21/06, *Jim Kenzig http://ThinHelp.com* <jkenzig@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

No if I were a betting man I would wager that they have plans to overhaul
the entire system and want to get all the sku's out of the vendors hands
before they do so they aren't selling the wrong thing.  Just a guess though.


*George Yobst <george.yobst@>* wrote:

I think Citrix is doing the same thing as the Airlines did to the
travel agencies -- squeeze out the middle-man and take the profit
themselves. Booooo!
(Now watch my SA costs go up 20% since I said that!) -George

On 7/20/06, Jeff Pitsch wrote:
> GREAT that means you guys can come to me for your licensing then :)
> lol
> Jeff Pitsch
> Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
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> Get support from the experts at your business
> http://jeffpitschconsulting.com

> On 7/20/06, George Yobst wrote:
> >
> My vendor, Xiologix, just said the same thing. ;-(
> Guess I'd better raise the budget a bit.
> Thanks for the heads up!
> -George

> On 7/20/06, Peterson David wrote:
> >
> > I talked to a second vendor, ASAP Software and they've been told the
> > thing. They're going to send me the announcement later today. So it
> it
> > isn't just MTM, but the vendors are just finding out about it. I don't
> know
> > about Internationally. Maybe MTM was just one of the first ones to be
> told.
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> >
> >
> > To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > Subject: [THIN] Re: New Subscription Advantage rules
> >
> >
> > Not true of vendors over in the UK if thats any help - maybe it is
> > them.
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> >
> >
> > Yeah, it is MTM. I started using them back when they were Vector ESP.
> > message I got made it sound like it was an across the board change,
> just
> > MTM. If it is just them, I might have just started looking for another
> > vendor, but we only have 70 licenses, so the cost increase is
> for
> > me, and I like being able to go to their Stump Andy Jones
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> > Subject: [THIN] Re: New Subscription Advantage rules
> >
> > I got the same thing from a vendor. Was yours from MTM? Wonder who at
> > Citrix they pissed off?
> > JK
> >

  > > Peterson David wrote:
> > I didn't see this mentioned unless I missed it in the
> > talk. My Citrix vendor just sent me a message that all SA purchasing
> > going to be directly through Citrix and the vendors will just handle
> > syncs, quotes etc. According to my vendor, everything will be retail
> prices
> > except for Open and Flex agreements, so if you get a discount from
> > current vendor, that will no longer apply. This happens August 1. If
> > just made the announcement on the 17th and the new pricing goes in
> > August 1st, I hope no one's price goes up drastically and have to
> > before a new budget cycle.
> > We're a small shop Citrix wise, so mine won't go up much, but it is
> > something worth noting.
> > I haven't seen anything on Citrix's site yet.
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