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Thank you and Ron for all your hard work, I will be ordering my copy today.
Keep up the good work.
You make our lives easier.


Mike Semon
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  Hello All,

  As many of you know, Ron and I have been working on a book together for
almost a year now. (In fact, a lot of people on this list helped out with
this book.) Well, we're happy to announce that it's finally done and
available now from Amazon.com.

  The book is "Terminal Services for Microsoft Windows Server 2003: Advanced
Technical Design Guide." It's similar to the two Citrix books I've done in
the past, except this book focuses completely on Terminal Server. It's a
technical design guide, so it shows you how the stuff works and what it
takes to design a solid system. Oh, and it's not approved or authorized by
Microsoft, so we show you how stuff /really/ works. J

  We wrote this book since the new and improved features of Terminal Server
in Windows 2003 caused a lot of people to choose to use Terminal Server all
by itself without using MetaFrame at all. People always asked us, "Do I need
Citrix?" or "Can Terminal Server 2003 really do xxx?" You can find out in
this book. We also cover all the strategies for using the third party tools.

  Here's a link to get the book from Amazon.com:


  Also, we made the printing chapter of the book available as a free
download a few months ago. In case you missed it:


  Finally, I still have the paper I wrote with Gabe Knuth a few months ago
comparing Citrix, Terminal Server, New Moon, Jetro, and DAT:




  Brian Madden



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