[THIN] Re: Network connection issues

  • From: Keith Duckworth <KDuckworth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 10:25:26 -0400

We too are having the same type of problem.  Users will click on our
published app, and get the same error message.  Wait awhile, and then login
I have not found the answer yet, thought that it might be related to the M$
$P4 that I installed on my Win2k servers (BOY! Was THAT a mistake!).  But
now, I am not sure.

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We have just brought Citrix based Published apps. at 2 additional remote
sites.  They have been complaining of connection issues since we rolled it.
They continue to get the "network problem preventing connection to the
Citrix server......" message, which they can reconnect most times.  Trouble
is, why are they getting it?
Ping times under 100ms, servers are fine, only these 2 locations are seeing
I just saw a user, with sessions open to 3 different servers, had the
"network connection error", to only one of the 3 servers she was connected
to.  How can that be?  No one else connected to that server had a problem.

Chad Schneider
Technology Analyst
Bemis IT


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