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With Windows 2000 the concept of PDC/BDC is gone.  You have Directory
Controllers with FMSO's, Directory Controllers, and Member Servers.
You can install everything and it's brother on a single machine.  I have a
web development machine at home that is a Directory Controller with all
FMSO's, fileshares, apache with PHP and IIS web services, as well as mysql
and msde database engines. (I assign multiple IP's to a single nic, and
point my workstation to this servers DNS server) all on a 1gb Celeron 500.
If you want to get fancy then you can install a single headed MSCS Cluster
to handle name virtualization, you just need to have two partitions. One for
the local quorum, one as a disk resource. Then you can take all of your
servers that you are consolodating move them onto a single machine, and
still reference everything with their original name (or not, up to you).
The last part of what you talking about is actually server virtualization
(v.s. name virtualization which is what MSCS does). Which your going to need
to shell out extra cash for something Like VMWARE, (If its just one or two,
you could probably do workstation), GSX server would be the next step (way
more cash than 3 separate servers).
There is that Zen virtualization package just announced, but I haven't
played with it, and doubt it will be trivial to install.
IMO, for cheap almost virtualization (Since you already own the Enterprise
Version), I would recommend the single headed MSCS cluster.  Run all your
apps on the box, let the OS sort them out.
FYI if you are installing an Enterprise CA, make sure IIS is installed
first, so that the CA Web pages get installed correctly. You can't just add
the CA webpages after you install the CA, then Install IIS.  You have to
uninstall the CA, install IIS, then re-install the CA.
Good Luck.


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First, I know just enough about 2000 Advanced to be extremely dangerous.  I
have a rack of servers where I have split out the different machines as web
server, mail server, data server, etc. This is my home setup. I am retired
from the profession due to a disability. First, I am not hosting any
mem/data intensive things so I am way underutilizing the servers. Secondly,
I am killing my electric bill and my wife is figuring out how to get me to
eat rat poison. Sooo, I need to consolidate. I am not worried about load
because everything I have, except PDC, is a Dual Xeon P4 and are mirrored.
My ideal goal would be to bring everything down to one server for now and
just max out the memory.  Like I said at the beginning, server admin. is not
my thing so be patient with me.
My question(s)
1) Can a machine that I set up as a PDC act as another type of server (i.e.
data, web, app, etc.). I am not sure if once you make something a PDC (also
my enterprise CA) that I cannot use it as an IIS, SQL, etc. server. Am I
2) This is a stupid one and I was just wondering if technology has fixed
this. I know I can set up a machine to dual boot but can I set up a machine
to run 2 OS's concurrently (e.g. at the same time). For instance, can I
have, on one box, Server 2000 and XP running in different memory segments at
the same time so I can be writing a doc in XP and Advanced Server 2000 is
still hosting web and mail? My understanding is the answer is 'no', but I
have been on disability for over two years now and something might have come
along to address this issue. I like to use XP for my personal desktop and
Any advice is greatly appreciated and I will sacrifice a small furry animal
on the next full moon in your honor.
Steven Mather
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