[THIN] Navision Attain Reports not working with Program Neighborhood.

  • From: "Rajindar Mahajan" <rajindar_mahajan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 17:13:23 +0000

 I've configured the Navision Attain "finhlink.exe" program as a Publihsed
Application on a Citrix Metaframe XP Server. This exe accepts the Navision
report links in the format "navision://client/run?..." to run these reports
in the Navision. Thus I configured the Published Application to accept the
Report Links via the "%*". Now when I try to run this Published application
using the Program Neighborhood "pn.exe", passing the Application Set name
(/pn), the Published Application name (/app) and the relevant Report Link as
arguments(/param), it comes back with the error: "Unable to start the
Navision client (program name:)". I get the same error if I hard code the
report link in the Published Application configuration "Command line".
Running the Published Application "Command line" on the Citrix Metaframe
Server (which also houses the Navision Attain Server) works. Any inputs

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