[THIN] Re: NT4 TSE Pop-up adds

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Right.  The .dns file goes under %systemroot%\system32\dns   I think.
Then you set up each domain in the DNS server to point to this .dns file
that contains only two null entries for   

Since Windows holds the domains setup under DNS in the registry, you can
import the registry file to have all the 1000+ domains, put into the
registry and pointing to the same single .dns file.  

They provide an NT4 registry file, that doesn't quite work with W2K.  We
looked at a few manual entries in the registry and then wrote a pearl
script to re-write the NT4 registry fie to work with the slightly
tweaked values needed for W2K.

The files are attached.  Read ad-servers .txt, and follow the
instructions.  It's pretty easy to setup, but you should probably try on
a test server first.  I pulled these files out of archive and haven't
tested them...

- Brian Politis

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they have directions on the site for adding a zone or something and then
= something about a reg file. I just didn't understand what changes to
the = dns file needed to be made.


scroll down for Microsoft DNS Server

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Can't it is a one a time thing.=20

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But how do you do them all at once?   There are 974 of them according to
the site.

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