[THIN] Re: NT 4 global profile change

  • From: "Braebaum, Neil" <Neil.Braebaum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 16:02:18 +0100

Did you read what he asked for, though?

He actually wanted a quick way of being able to export what he has - and
as he has an NT domain (as opposed to AD - which anyways wouldn't make
any difference because CSVDE or LDIF would only extract LDAP info, and
that wouldn't give him TS specifics - well not in any usable fashion,
anyways) the up-to-date versions of ADDUSERS.EXE should provide this.

So he should be able to do an export, first, with all the details as is,
then use something like search replace in excel on a copy of the
extracted file, then import it to the domain again using ADDUSERS. And
with a copy of the original export file still available, a quick manner
of going back if he either users ADDUSERS, or group select within user
mangler for domains.

Actually scripting this, and he'd have to write something that would
dump out an extract. I realise scripting is the stock answer for many
questions, but looking at what he actually asked, is why I specifically
mentioned ADDUSERS.


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> Subject: [THIN] Re: NT 4 global profile change
> Or just look for WTS_ADMIN.DLL on Google.  That will give you 
> the ability to create a script to mass change all of your 
> users.  If you need assistance with creating the script, just 
> let me know off list.
> Chris 
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> > Subject: [THIN] Re: NT 4 global profile change
> > 
> > ADDUSERS.EXE from the resource kit (make sure you get the
> > most up-to-date copy).
> > 
> > This will allow you to export (to a text file), and I think
> > should allow you to import, too.
> > 
> > Neil
> > 
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> > > Sent: 12 May 2004 13:41
> > > To: 'thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'
> > > Subject: [THIN] Re: NT 4 global profile change
> > > 
> > > I can do the bulk changes easy enough.  Issue is if I stuff up.  I
> > > need a way to export out what it is currently set to.
> > > Do the bulk change and then test.  If I stuff up I need to 
> > be able to
> > > revert using what I exported. Hopefully all in a few 
> minutes with a
> > > few thousand accounts across several domains.
> > > Obviously don't want the users to notice

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