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  • Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 09:22:44 -0400

A little more on this. The documentation is fuzzy with this program but it
does work GREAT via command line.
The GUI creates a .msg file. To run it via the command line you type:
message  /cfilename.msg   (filename.msg is the name of the msg file that you
created with the GUI) It is kind of a funky way of doing a parameter using
no space between the /c and the filename but that is how you have to do it.
You could create countless message files and add OK or yes no choices to
them with this Free utility.
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Have a look at message manager by RJL Software
You could add this to the usrlogon.cmd script.

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I'm definitely NOT a web guru and could use a quick hand....

It takes some time for my Citrix apps to start (running NetWare login
scripts takes a little time).  Needless to say, the extra 10 seconds on the
part of my users is causing problems because they expect to click and go!
:)   Anyway, I'd like to pop a dialog box up when the user clicks on an
application basically telling them to be patient while the app loads.

Any ideas?

-- Dave
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