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Since this is a hospital environment I would think HIPAA would be a concern
for sharing accounts..  You don't want users reconnecting to someone else's
disconnected session seeing patient information..

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Why it's bad:
- Security and auditing people HATE IT. No auditability. And when someone
is asked to change the password, who changes it, and how does everyone else
find out about it?
- Can cause problems with multiple people trying to make changes to the
same profile or application settings
- Sometimes it doesn't work. :)

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I have a tech that setup several offices connecting in to our Citrix farm
remotely.  We were running 6 Metaframe XP FR3 servers on Windows 2000 sp4
boxes.  This tech setup the office users to all use the same domain account
to logon to a published desktop to these servers.  Apparently this use to
actually work before we upgraded.

We now run 6 Metaframe XP FR3 boxes on Server 2003 sp1 boxes.  Now when
they happen to logon to this published desktop and hit the same server, the
first session will get overwritten/disconnected.

Can someone help me list out the MULTIPLE reasons that this type of setup
is a bad idea.  And also help me understand why it might have worked on the
old servers and not the new servers?


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