[THIN] Re: Multiple Server Reboot Schedule.

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This is why Shutdown Plus TS from http://www.wmsoftware.com is a great
solution for this problem. It has what is called a rolling restart so you
can schedule a server to reboot after another one is back online. It is very
reasonably priced.
Jim Kenzig

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Really at reboot IMA is most dependent on seeing the DS. It will still work
but more often has problems starting than if the DS server is up. Earlier
FRs had problems with this. Newer FRs (like FR3) recover better from it.

Remember at Boot IMA does a consistency check on the LHC. If the DS is not
there it cant do it. Meaning the LHC may or may not be right. Now it has to
wait and keep re-trying the IMA connection. Sometimes it works sometimes it

So they were right and wrong.

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SO if I do reboot them at the exact same time it really should not be an
issue and the competing vendor is blowing smoke

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