[THIN] Re: Multiple Digital Certs on Citirx

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  • Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 17:27:33 +0800

Hi Ang,


It will vary, depending on the type of cert. But yes, each user can have
their own certs.


They are typically stored in the users profile here:


If they are stored as a file, and all certs are the same, all you need to do
is copy them into place on login.





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I have an application that requires digital certificate.  Each user has a
certificate.  Can a Windows 2003 XenApp 4.5 Server have multiple certs for
the one app???  Ive never worked with certs before.  Are the certs User
based?  How would a user select their cert?  Would users have access to
install the cert or would I need to do it on their behalf?

Is there any best practices in relation to installing certs?


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