[THIN] Migrate SQL Datastore to another SQL Server

  • From: Angela Smith <angela_smith9@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2009 22:22:40 +1100


I will be migrating my CPS 4 farm SQL DB to another SQL 
Server.  SQL versions are not changing.  Im simply moving the DB from a single 
SQL Server to a SQL cluster.  Ive never moved a Datastore so I was hoping 
someone could validate these steps for me.

1. Back up the existing farm 
database and restore the database to the new SQL Cluster.

2. From a Citrix 
Server, create a new DSN file that points to the database restored in Step 

3. Execute the dsmaint config command on the server with the new DSN 

dsmaint config /user:domain\userid /pwd:password /dsn:"c:\program 
files\citrix\independent management architecture\mf20.dsn"

4. Stop and 
restart the IMA Service.

5. Verify that the server is using the correct 
DSN by checking at the following registry 


If the IMA Service started successfully, copy the DSN file created in Step 2 to 
all servers in the farm.

7. Execute the dsmaint config command to change 
the IMA service configuration on all servers in the farm.

8. Stop and restart the IMA service on all servers in the farm. 

9.  Create new Published Application.  Ensure DB is working 

In relation to the steps above, I have a few 

1) Is there a Preferred server order I should follow?  Should 
the Zone Data Collector be done last?
2) If I copy the DSN to all servers, 
wont the DSN be wrong on all servers as the information within the file will be 
specific to the first server it was copied from.  IE WSID field
3) The Server in 
question which I am migrating off also holds the RMSummaryDB.  Whats the best 
way to migrate this?


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