[THIN] Making Clipart multi user - Im ripping my hair out....

  • From: "Anthony Saliba" <anthony_salibas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 15:44:46 +1100


I need help.  We use Office 97 on our WTS / MF1.0 servers.  We only publish 
applications and we don't have user preferences on the server or roaming 
profiles.  We don't use rootdrive.  We have the issue where all users point 
to the same cag files on the server.  I tried to copy the cag files into the 
local profiles on the server and used subst to map to that area:

subst w: %userprofile%

I then changed all CAG references in HKLM\Software\MicrosoftClipArt Gallery 
to w:\artgalry.cag

I now have the issue where all clipart files trying to load from w: and its 
failing as only the cag files are here.  Does anyone know an easy way to get 
clipart working.  The desktops are Windows XP logging into a NT4 domain (PCs 
are a member of the domain).  I tried using NT4 policies and this creates 
the relevant profiles on the citrix servers but it also changed the policies 
on the Windows XP desktop which caused me problems.

Can someone pls help me........ Im ripping my hair out on this one.  I have 
to get this working within 2 days (project deadline) and Im too worried to 
play with rootdrive/policies as Im not comfortable with all that.  How can I 
get Clipart working for multiple users without compromising my server??


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