[THIN] Major printing Issues

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  • Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 11:19:45 -0600

Hello, Everyone!

I am running Win2K/MF XP with Office XP on an NT Domain.  Our print server
is an NT 4.0 machine.

The default printer is specified. However, printing from any application, it
acts like the printer is not setup.  Even if they send a test print from the
printer, it locks up their system.  I can kill the explorer.exe task and
everything comes back, but as soon as they try to print it locks up again.
I can send a test print from a PC or straight from the print queue server
just fine.  I want to say it's a driver issue. But I have the 2000 drivers
installed on the Citrix Server and the NT40 drivers installed on the print
server.  Should I force the Citrix server to use the NT 4.0 driver??  Any
suggestions would be great!

Kim Barnes
Server Administrator
TTI, Inc.

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