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We've been experiencing this mapping problem as well.  I searched the archives, 
but have not found an answer:
There appears to be a time delay while it builds the user's list of printers.  
But the assignment for the default printer happens quickly, and picks the wrong 
Take a look at Citrix knowledge center article, CTX101856, that explains a 
similar problem with Great Plains. They suggest an ICA client option setting to 
disable: "Start this app without waiting for printers to be created". But I 
didn't see this setting on my 1.8, so I assume it must be an XP item...
(BTW, we're on: W2K  MF1.8 , with most users on Nfuse 1.51)

Michael R. Arend 
Ford Land 
(313) 390-6308 (w) 

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Sounds like you're having issues with duplicate ICA Client names.  If you're 
using a newer ICA Client I would check the setting to use Dynamic client names 
especially if you image your desktops.  What happens if you are the only one 
logged onto the server?




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For some reason when people log in now, instead of mapping the default printer 
(I am not even talking about setting it as the default yet) it maps one of the 
other local printers.


So with my ica settings set to map printers, map only default and set it as the 
default I am ending up with the wrong printer.




I can't figure out what the H is going on.


thanks for any help




Doug Stratton
Telephone: (250) 356-6678 
Email: Doug.M.Stratton@xxxxxxxxx 


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