[THIN] Re: Lotus Notes in MF Xpe

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We have two versions of Notes on an XPe server: 5.08 and 4.67.  v5.08 is
actually installed, the other version just sits in a subdirectory.  Since
all of our users have a few bits of Notes on the home drives, I scan for
which version of the help file they have (file names are different) and
then provide the appropriate icon to the desktop.


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The question seems to hinge on where is the notes.id file residing and how
does it get synchronized.

Example - if it is on the guy's "C" drive and he changes his password - he
would have to manually copy it to his home directory. If he leaves it on =
the home directory and it changes and he logs in offline - he has an old =
password that don't work

>>> RMack@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 10/02/02 04:18PM >>>

Haven't done it via NAL, but we did a fat client to thin client Notes
migration which utilized a script that checked for a local notes desktop
etc, copied required files across to the users %homedrive%%homepath%\notes
directory and then patched the thinclient notes.ini.=20



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We are in the process of converting to Notes 5.09x  from Groupwise in this
location, and have a couple of questions.

1 - We push packages out to the clients via NAL
2. The issue that seems to be a stumbling block is the user.id file. - If =
the user dials up from home - obviously he expects this on his C drive, =
Normally we store it in his home directory (H drive).=3D20

Question - anyone done this via NAL

Any thought on best practices???

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