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  • Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2004 10:47:21 -0600

It depends how you do it.  Loopback will override settings at a higher level
if they are also set at the loopback level.

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Does loopback force override or just allow it?  

So to enable loopback on specific machines you have to put a TS/Citrix box
in a dedicated OU with a GPO to enable loopback, correct?

Now lets say I have a domain level OU to enable screen saver after 5 mins.
Does this still apply to the TS/Citrix OU with loopback on?


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Ahhh, that just answered my Win98 question. Thanks Ron.

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One thing in that sentence. "the client" is not the Citrix/TS client, it is
the Terminal server. 


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Subject: [THIN] Loopback

Just want to hear from the list and make sure that I am understanding this
correctly. With loopback processing, say on a Terminal Server, the user
policy inherited from the domain can be over-ridden by the policies of that
on the Terminal server box. However, it does not work if the user account is
in an NT domain OR if the client is not a Windows 2000 client??? Is that

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