[THIN] Re: Looking for your Original/Innovative uses for Citrix for a presentation I am doing

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I've told a few people about the project I'm about to describe, and I
usually just get blank stares.  A few years ago I was working for a
large financial firm with 800+ Windows servers, and no Citrix.  Two
items came together to the same solution: 1) The boss wanted to bring
Citrix into the company, and 2) a security audit.  Stay with me here, it
gets interesting.

For some quick background, I was an admin for Windows based servers.
Our team was responsible for the hardware and OS, and not much else.  We
had about 30 terminal servers, and a very large VMWare deployment
(largest in the country at the time, ESX 1.5).  Most of the servers had
an application support team that dealt with everything application
related.  We built the box/VM, patched it, etc., added the app support
team to the local admins, and gave them the box.  They were in charge of
installation/configuration/maintenance of their own applications.  Most
accessed their boxes via RDP, some had physical console access, and some
had console access via VMWare. 

The security audit dictated that we remove all local Administrator
access, and all console (physical and RDP) access.  The tool chosen to
do this by management was Citrix.

Fortunately for me, this project only got about half-way through the
test phase before it was derailed again, and I ended up taking another
job, so I didn't get back into it.  What this meant though, was that
every server would have Citrix installed on it.  All application support
team functions were to be presented via published applications.  This
meant a lot of custom scripting, all sorts of strange registry and
permission hacks to get "Admin-only" applications to run as normal
users, and just a big mess of configuration.  Every server was

It makes for great jaw-dropping looks when I go into details about how
everything was supposed to work though!



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a presentation I am doing

Hi all
I am going to be doing a presentation at CSEIT prior to iForum on
Getting the most of Citrix/Using Citrix across your organization.

I am looking for additional ideas from people on how they have come up
with innovative/original new ways to save time and use Citrix in your

I have things like ways of publishing MMC's of AD users, Rdesktops and
Exchange Control Panel,  Publishing Printers Folder, Web interace mods,
CSG/WI usage, etc.  Just looking for some other great things people are
doing with Citrix Products that they think others may not of thought of
that other companies could use.  I'll make the whole presentation
available after CSEIT to the list. 

Please post to the list as this could be a great thread also. Include
registry hacks, text you used to publish the item, etc. I'll try and
give credit where credit is due.


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