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Depends.  In my case, one of my apps uses an SQL server for its data
repository.  Since the SQL server is not a metaframe server, i see no
performance degradation when load balancing.   If server A hosts all your
data, then there may be a performance hit when load balancing because all
the clients still need to get to server A.  On the other hand, it may be
less of a hit because all they are doing is accessing the database and not
the front-end app.  A really bad front-end app can suck up a lot of

Did you consider moving the database to a non-metaframe server?


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Sorry about the first post.  Forgot to erase the old thread form the

I am looking at expanding our mf xp usage here.  I have noticed that ms
clusters are not supported.  Load balancing is great but our app uses a
central location for its database.  Having one server with 50 users is
great but when load balancing the second server will still be pulling
from the first server.  Doesn't this defeat the entire load balancing
purpose?  And info would be great.

Director of IT,
Ronald Mazzotta

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