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  • Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 10:05:58 -0700

Yes, it must be that they are sharing a profile, check all relevant values
of profile path!



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The Terminal Server Profile paths are  mixed up? 



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Subject: [THIN] Lines crossed

I have two different users that somehow get their lines crossed on Citrix.
I kid you not when the HR director logs into Citrix she gets someone else's
logon.  When that other person logs on she gets the HR director, email,
everything.  The server shows them logged in properly, meaning the HR
Director is logged in as herself not the other person.  Neither of these
people have ever used the other persons computer so the possibility of
Citrix remembering the HR director password on the other persons machine is
not really probable, she's never used it.


This problem reminds me of when the phone company would get lines crossed,
has anyone ever heard of this happening.  This is just about the biggest
security problem that Citrix could have given me.



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