[THIN] Re: Latency - tracking it down.

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  • Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 13:12:01 -0600

I've done some looking into items suggested by numerous forum participants
to address our latency problems.  Here is my feedback.
Speed screen is on for all clients, timezones are turned off, we've WinNT
We looked into our NICs.  They are properly configured as 100 /100 full
duplex, as are the switches.  They are teamed, but not configured as Load
Balancing (Fast EtherChannel/Link Aggregation is used).  There is no IRQ
conflict that we can see, Array controller, NICs, cdrom, etc. all assigned
different IRQs.  One of the suggestions was to unteam them and run with a
single NIC - is this a reasonable thing to try?
We are using SmartArray 431 and have no control over the read/write ratio
(changing the hardware will be one of the last solutions due to cost
We will look to see if we have any tools at our disposal to ensure that
bandwidth isn't being hogged.

We are running taskmgr to watch the cpu and memory usage, and our users are
reporting to us times when they see the lag.  What would be the most
effective way of monitoring the servers so we could look back and see if
there are specific applications causing the problems?  We have perfmon
running and it is collecting a tonne of data, but it doesn't look like I
can go back to that log and see what apps were running and by who for a
given time.  Unless we've got the settings wrong, we can see that an
instance of Word for example was maybe using 25% CPU, but without knowing
the what the user was doing, it seems meaningless.

Thanks,  Rose

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