[THIN] KB: CTX104152 - Hotfix MPSE300W2K3006 - For Metaframe Presentation Server 3.0 for Windows 2003 Server

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CTX104152 - Hotfix MPSE300W2K3006 - For Metaframe Presentation Server 3.0
for Windows 2003 Server ? English

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Document ID: CTX104152, Created on: May 25, 2004, Updated: May 25, 2004

Products: Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 for Microsoft Windows

 Attachment: MPSE300W2K3006.msi (371.5 K)
Hotfix readme name: MPSE300W2K3006.HTM
Hotfix package name: MPSE300W2K3006.MSI
For: MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0
Replaces: None
Date: May, 2004
Language supported: English (US)

Note: This hotfix can be applied only to a Windows 2003 Server with
MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 installed.

Where to Find Documentation

This document describes the issue(s) solved by this hotfix and includes
installation instructions. You can find more information about MetaFrame
Presentation Server 3.0 in the MetaFrame Presentation Server Administrator's
Guide. Documentation, including the Administrator's Guide, is in the
Document Center located in the \documentation\docs directory on the Citrix
MetaFrame Presentation Server CD. The Document Center provides a single
point of access to the documentation and enables you to go directly to the
section in the documentation that you need. You can access the Document
Center from the product CD or install it on your servers.

If you prefer to access the guide without using the Document Center,
navigate to the component PDF files using Windows Explorer. The guide is in
an Adobe Portable Document (PDF) format file. To view, search, and print the
documentation, you need Adobe Reader 5.0.5 or later with Search. You can
download Adobe Reader for free from the Adobe Web site at

All product documentation is also available from the Citrix Web site at

Issue(s) Resolved in this Hotfix

 Servers in a farm intermittently experienced a fatal error on Wdica.sys
with stop error 0xC2. This occurred because a thread in Wdica.sys was
attempting to free a variable that had already been freed.

This fix synchronizes access to the variables so the fatal error no longer

[From Hotfix MPSE300W2K3006][#71243]

 Kana lock of Japanese IME turned off unexpectedly when focus was on an ICA
session connecting to a MetaFrame/Windows 2003 Server.

On Windows 2003 Server, the Terminal Service checks the keyboard attribute
before notifying the keyboard drivers of the KANA_LOCK status change. Even
though the client had a Japanese keyboard, MetaFrame was not receiving the
KANA_LOCK flag because the client continued to tell Terminal Services to
recognize the attached keyboard as an English 101 keyboard.

With this fix, even when the client has a Japanese keyboard, the Kana lock
state is preserved.

[From Hotfix MPSE300W2K3006][#82739]

 Users occasionally experienced disconnected sessions when transferring
large amounts of data over low-bandwidth modem connections.

This fix prevents the session from disconnecting.

[From Hotfix MPSE300W2K3006]][#84837]

 If the following registry key was set with a non-zero value, servers
occasionally experienced a fatal error when users connected through Secure
Gateway 2.0:


Data: ActiveLatencyPeriodInSeconds

This was caused by an error in timing that caused the reusage of a buffer
that was already freed.

This hotfix ensures that the servers no longer experience a fatal error when
connecting through Secure Gateway 2.0 even if the registry key is set with a
non-zero value.

[From Hotfix MPSE300W2K3006][#87252]

Installation Instructions

Note: This hotfix is packaged with Microsoft Windows Installer. You can
deploy the hotfix package to a group of servers using Microsoft Active
Directory Group Policy Object or using Citrix Installation Manager. For more
information, see the MetaFrame Presentation Server Administrator?s Guide or
the Citrix Installation Manager Administrator?s Guide.

 Download the hotfix package from the Hotfixes and Service Packs page of the
Citrix Web site at http://www.citrix.com.

 Copy the hotfix package to an empty directory on the hard drive of the
computer running MetaFrame Presentation Server.

 Close all applications.

 Run the executable.

 Shut down and restart the server.

Note: To install this hotfix silently, use the /q option after the
executable. For example:

msiexec /I MPSE300W2K3006.MSI /q

Using the /q option without additional options automatically restarts the
For additional information about msiexec, see the Microsoft Web site at
http://www.microsoft.com/. Search on keyword msiexec.

Uninstallation Instructions

 From the Start menu, select Setting > Control Panel.

 In Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs.

 Highlight the hotfix you want to uninstall and click Remove.

 Follow the directions on-screen.

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