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Did you restart the server after you made the change?

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I am a confused as to how the universal print driver functions using the
Java Client (6.30.1298).

Assumption 1 - I follow the Citrix Directions as stated: Specifically item

    1. Edit the icaprintdrivers.dat file using a text editor such as
Notepad. The default
       location for this file is citrix/icaweb/en/icajava/.
    2. Manually add Citrix PCL4 Universal Driver to the list of printer
    3. Connect to the NFuse site and launch an application using the Java
    4. From the Settings button, select the Printer Mappings tab.
    5. Enter a name in the Print Name field.
    6. Fill in the printer configuration information.
    7. Select the Universal Printer Driver and click OK.
    8. Disconnect and reconnect to the application

Printer does not seem to autocreate.

Example - I have a user at home with a Lexmark xxxxx or a Deskjet 940.
Assumption here is that if I don't have a driver loaded he should be able
to use the Universal Print Driver.

Is this an issue with the Java Client or something weird on our end.

I have noted that on the 7.x Java client there is no printer tab - Hmnnn

Gene Herman
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Healthnet of the North East
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