[THIN] Issue: Application lists dropping from client PN application lists

  • From: jason.weems@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 17:13:49 -0500

I did post something on this last week, though I have since gathered more 
information.  I am currently trying to work w/ Citrix on the issue, however my 
Citrix vendor does not seem to be in the office today (grrr... although, I 
can't complain too much, as I don't think I should be here today anyway :)  The 
issue that is occuring is that applications are occasionally dropping off 
Citrix user application lists.  I have taken debug logs (QServer /debugnhwatch) 
from the all our Citrix servers during the period that the issue was occurring. 
 Unlike some logs I had taken the end of last week, all the debug logs appear 
to be consistently reporting all MetaFrame server application set information.  
Any suggestions would be greatly appeciated.

Possible Notes of interest:

1.  Application list(s) from servers display a full list of applications, issue 
is only occurring from client workstations

2.  Applications disappearing are typically non-core production applications, 
as most of our core applications are load balanced across multiple servers.  If 
a user were no longer able to browse a server for an application list, the user 
should still be able to the see the application as it would be published via 
other Citrix servers that are still currently available.

3.  'QServer /TCP' and 'Qserver /IPX' both display correct information at same 
time workstations clients only reporting partial application list.

4.  Forcing an election (qserver /election) will not make the full application 
list refresh.

5.  If you update an IMS published application properties (ex: ServerName - 
Task Manager), that application will refresh and be added to the client 
application list.  However, only that application will re-appear (i.e. other 
applications published on that server still do not appear)

6.  When applications were dropping off user application lists on Friday 
(11/26/02), the same (2) sets of servers consistently appeared to be dropping 
off (i.e. the exact servers that were dropping off did not appear to be 
sporadic lists)

7. We have recently added (2) backup domain controllers into our production 
network.  At aproximately 1:45 PM today, I asked a co-worker to power down the 
DC servers.  We have not had the disappearing application list issue re-occur 
since the DC servers were taken down, however the issue stopped occuring 
aproximately 30 minutes prior (i.e. 1:15).  The servers are currently back up, 
however the Net Logon service has been disabled on the servers.  I have 
requested our local helpdesk inform me when users next report applications 
disappearing within their client.

8. Our NFuse web site also appears to be dropping published applications.  The 
issue seems even more prominant from NFuse than on the client PN side.  

9. Both reported occurences off applications disappearing from the client PN 
application list occured during the latter part of the week (i.e. Thursday and 
Friday).  Issue did not occur this Monday (11/15) through Wednesday (11/27).  


Jason Weems
Sr. Network Systems Engineer
Systems Engineering Group
Citigroup Real Estate Lending and Technology Group

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