[THIN] Re: Integrated authentication with IIS and Citrix

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I could be phrasing this wrong (I am not a Citrix expert, I am a
developer trying to get a website to work).  The Secure Gateway
autheticates against Active Directory, does it not (if you have it setup
that way)?


Also, when you suggest checking "Authenticated Users", are talking about
the local Users group on the IIS server?  Or on the Presentation Server?






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Not quite sure what you are asking...   The only authentication Secure
Gateway does is validate the STA ticket.   


Did you remove "Authenticated Users" from the local Users group?  If you
did,  you need to add it back to the local Users group.  Otherwise the
IUSR_SERVNAME account does not have rights and prompts the users for
alternate credentials. 




On 5/4/06, Josh Pepper <Josh.Pepper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

Hi all-

I have published Internet Explorer opening a specific website (like
"iexplore.exe website.com").  This website is https and has both
"integrated Windows authentication" and "basic authentication" checked
in "Authentication methods" in IIS setup.  All users are authenticated
as domain members via the Secure Gateway. 

My problem is that IIS prompts the user to re-authenticate when logging
into the site.  Isn't there some way that I can get the Secure Gateway
(or is it the Presentation Server) to pass-through the AD credentials to
prevent having to enter them twice? 





PS. Hello to all that gave me great advice at BriForum!  


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