[THIN] Re: Installing an older JVM

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  • Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 10:19:57 +0100

Your problem with installing multiple java instances on the same box is
going to be how the app looks at which java version is the latest. True you
can install different copies of JVM and they all end up in their own
directories - but the default copy of java that's run from the browser can
be a b*gger to manage: especially if you've different apps wanting different


I've used Citrix's app streaming  to deliver different java versions to the
users - and that sits on top of AIE. App Streaming is more complex to setup
sure - might be more straightforward to just use AIE for a couple of
servers.  Remember you can't install an AIE app via an RDP connection. 


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My citrix Servers are running Java Ver 1.60_14.  I have an application that
requires JVM 1.42.  Whats the best way to address this?  Can I simply
install 1.42 or will that beak 1.60?  Should I uninstall 1.60, install 1.42
then install 1.60?

Alternatively I can try AIE but I have never done this.  Any tips or
articles on virtualising JVM?



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