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If you have control over your dns start by pointing hotbar.com in your
forward lookup zone to
(you could also do this in the servers hosts file)
Then they can't get to it. Another one to watch is gotomypc.com and all
those friend greetings ones not to mention comet cursor. 
The other thing to do is to create a directory on your server for these
programs and then give the everyone group no access to it. This will prevent
it from getting installed, you can also do this with the registry.

Hotbar is a real mess to clean up. The best way is to prevent it from ever
getting into your network by using dns. 


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I have a problem where some of my users are installing these downloaded
programs like Hotbar and Weatherbug on my Citrix server.  Is there a way
to stop this or maybe log who is installing them?
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