[THIN] Re: Installing ICA webclient for 1st time from wficat.cab in a user context

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What about this ? only looks like there might be a typo

from the citrix forums author Chaim Landau

  Here it is.                                                               
  1. Extract the Wficat.cab to a temporary folder                           
  2. Modify the Wficat.inf as shown below                                   
  To disable Citrix License Agreement pop up.                               
  ;%24%\%PROGRAMF%\Citrix\icaweb32\wfica32.exe /license                     
  Redirect wficat.inf location.                                             
  By default wficat.inf gets copied into %SystemRoot%\Inf, causing install  
  errors for non admin/power users. Replace %17%\wficac.inf with            
  %24%\%PROGRAMF%\Citrix\icaweb32\wficat.inf as shown below.                
  HKLM,"Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Citrix ICA Web  
  Client","UninstallString",,"RunDll32 ADVPACK.DLL,LaunchINFSection         
  Create webica.ini as part of the install.                                 
  Webica.ini is where you specify what type of access the Citrix session    
  will have to the local drives. In this scenario, users will have full     
  Create webica.ini file with the contents below and then place the file in 
  the same folder the cab was extracted to.                                 
  The following sections/lines should be added/updated in the wficat.inf    


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