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  • Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 11:34:25 +1000

Hi Nick
Is there any network delay connecting to your DS?
You can install Citrix with a local DB and then move to the SQL DS after.
If you are using SQL 2000 ensure you are using MDAC2.8.
If you want more details, let me know.
Cherie Kelly

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Not sure if this was actually noticed first time around... any ideas??


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Hi all

I am trying to join a second server to our farm of one. The current server
in the farm utilizes a MS SQL database on a large DB server for the farm
info rather than a local Access DB


It has been working successfully without problem for around 6 months


However when attempting to join the new server during installation,
immediately after I test the data source correctly and write (or replace)
the dsn file, a message popup states that it cannot get (or retrieve) the
farm name, to which I hit OK and the installation terminates prematurely.


I can install with out a problem if I create a new farm but this is not
really much use to me, 


Any ideas on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated


Perhaps It might be easier to install metaframe with the access and then
migrate it into the original farm later.. I don't know


Is it because I am running SP4 perhaps??


New machine = Win2k SP4 with MF XPa FR3

Original = Win2k SP3 with XPa FR3


Thanks Nick


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