[THIN] Imaging Metaframe servers by breaking mirrored set and moving to another server.

  • From: kevin.mcphail@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 12:27:55 -0500

I am trying to image 3 identical Dell Systems in my Server farm. One of the
three is running well, while the other two have several annoying user
issues. I have given up on making ghost work so I tried to break the mirror
on the one that is stable and place that disk in the one of the ones that is
not stable. I followed the directions in the Citrix article "Imaging
Metaframe XP using Ghost 6.5.1". 


The steps I took were:


Server1 = Server I am breaking mirror on (Stable server)

Server2 = Server I am placing Server 1's disk into


1.      Shut down server2 and remove its second disk so I have a backup of
the current configuration I can revert to if the mirror image does not
2.      Boot server2 and remove it from all published apps.
3.      Uninstall metaframe on server2 to remove it from the farm.
4.      Confirm server2 no longer shows up in the server list of the other
servers in the farm.
5.      Shutdown server2 and remove the second drive. Put 2nd drive from
server 1 in Server 2. Server 2 now has only one unmirrored drive that is a
mirror copy of server 1.
6.      Unplug server2's network cables and boot.
7.      Server 2 now is exact image of server 1. Logon and remove server 2
from domain. 
8.      On domain pdc remove server2 from domain as well. Necessary since
server 2 is not plugged into network at this point.
9.      Change IP address of server 2.
10.     stop ima service and set it to manual.
11.     remove wsid= line from mf20.dsn file
12.     delete wfcname.ini file
13.     delete rmlocaldatabase files
14.     Run sysinternals NEWSID app to replace SID.
15.     reboot and plug server2 into network
16.     log on to server and add back to domain.
17.     edit the mf20.dsn file document does not say to add WSID line back
(is this correct?). Confirm Server and UID are correct. No changes made.
18.     recreate rmlocaldatabase file
19.     Set IMA to auto and reboot.


After I reboot I am able to see the server I just recreated in the resource
manager of another server. I am even able to publish its desktop. The IMA
service starts and no errors show up in either the Application log or the
System log on either Server 1 or server 2. But I cannot log onto either
server though ica and when I open the cmc at the console it hangs. If I try
to log on through nfuse I get an unspecified error when trying to retrieve
published applications. In looking through the document there are a couple
things that I do slightly differently but I am not sure how to confirm if
they are an issue. 


1. It says not to add any licenses to the image but since I am using a
working copy of server1 I could not remove licenses before the image. When I
look at the licenses for server 2 from the CMC of server 3 (only one I can
open) no licenses are showing. 


2. I did not run sysprep but instead newsid. Should be fine since I do not
need it to redetect hardware. 


3. I removed the wsid from the mf20.dsn file but never re-added anything
back. Does not seem right but directions did not specify adding anything



That's it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 

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