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Most wireless networks should use encryption via a Password.  (sometimes 3
passwords) You do need to install the software for the card on the Ipaq from
a PC and a cradle.  The standard compaq password for the compaq hubs comes
as simply the word compaq.  It is NOT the same thing as an Aircard where you
can just pick up a network from someplace.  I am really not aware of any
"public" open wireless networks (but I suppose they exist. You'll need to
know the DES password usually to connect to any wireless network.

Jim Kenzig

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Ok so call me stupid - I thought I was pretty savvy with network
connectivity and I have done some wireless.

Just received the ipaq 11 mb wireless card - inserted it in the expansion
pack and loaded the software.I was told this would work in the Ipaq 3835 but
I am getting a message that it cant find the card.  I know I don't have a
wireless network in the office anymore but I thought I could somehow use
this through a "public" wireless network like at the airport or to download
stock quotes - Am I missing something here??? PLUG N PLAY???

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