• From: "Braebaum, Neil" <Neil.Braebaum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 18:00:05 +0100

Did you actually read anything I wrote?

I *do* use HTAs, I've developed numerous!

The point I was attempting to stress, again, and again, and again -
which doesn't seem to be sinking in, is that they are just that -

It is unquestionably daft, stupid, irresponsible to advocate that others
should run normal HTML as a HTA, *just* for the sake of window chrome,
or to disable (by accident) certain keystrokes.

If you don't currently understand why, then I suggest you do what I
recommended previously, and find out what the HTA model truly does,
rather than recklessly advocating their use for normal HTML as you have

I'm berating you, *not* for using HTAs, *nor* for suggesting that other
people use HTAs, *per se*. I *am* berating you for your ridiculous,
reckless and entirely irresponsible suggestion that people should run
normal HTML as a HTA  *just* to avoid window chrome, or *just* to
disable CTRL-N.

<fx: sound of my head hitting the desk> bam, bam, bam... </fx: sound of
my head hitting the desk>

Please tell me some of this is sinking in, somehow, somewhere? Are you
just trying to not understand this, or something?

Go and read about what the HTA model does, ruminate on that, then come
back and *try* and tell me you think it's *anywhere* near good advice to
suggest that people run HTML as HTA, for the reasons you have. Do you
actually think of the possible consequences of this, or did that all
slip you by?

<sigh> I'm kinda wondering how many more times I'll need to explain this
before this sinks in...


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> From: thin-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
> [mailto:thin-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Bill.Ramby@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Sent: 26 October 2004 17:47
> To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [THIN] Re: IE
> I can only guess you have had some horrendous experience with 
> doing this that I am not privy to, and that I have never 
> experienced in my environment.
> I would appreciate it if you would expound on your reasons 
> for not using HTA's, rather than berating me for it.
> Regards
> William R. Ramby
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> From: thin-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
> [mailto:thin-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Braebaum, Neil
> Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 11:59 AM
> To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [THIN] Re: IE
> I've asked you once, nicely, Bill, but still you continue 
> with this foolishness ;-)
> Whether using HTA, or not, disables CTRL-N, it would be 
> inordinately stupid to advocate that (or removing window 
> chrome) as a reason for running HTML pages as HTA, in general.
> You should only run things as an HTA, because they are a HTA 
> - otherwise you open yourself to a *huge* security hole.
> It may be a quick and easy suggestion to you - but to make 
> such advocacy in a public forum is quite inappropriate. Take 
> a moment and consider the implications, and what 
> fundamentally the HTA model provides before saying anything 
> like this again, especially given the context of what the 
> original poster asked.
> And as you mention it, I *do* develop HTAs as pretty powerful 
> apps - which is *exactly* why I'm so shocked you should make 
> the suggestions you have, for the reasons you have.
> Please, listers, don't even *consider* running HTML as HTA, 
> *just* for window chrome reasons, or *just* to disable CTRL-N 
> or other keystrokes.
> Neil
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> > From: thin-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > [mailto:thin-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of 
> Bill.Ramby@xxxxxxxxxxx
> > Sent: 26 October 2004 16:45
> > To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > Subject: [THIN] Re: IE
> > 
> > Ok. But the HTA format does stop CTRL-N as well. I normally
> > just use it as a customer notification device (using the 
> > format from the customers intranet site), though if one knew 
> > enough, it could be turned into a pretty powerful app type tool.
> > 
> > Regards
> > William R. Ramby
> > IBM Global Services
> > 
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: thin-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > [mailto:thin-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Mark Cook
> > Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 11:20 AM
> > To: 'thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'
> > Subject: [THIN] Re: IE
> > 
> > No, this stop's stuff like CTRL+N openening a new browser
> > window etc. As it say's in the readme file, it's a proof of 
> > concept nothing more.  If folks find a use for it or it 
> > nearly fit's the bill somewhere along the lines it can easily 
> > be modified to suit !  Also, it's a self contained EXE so 
> > there's no file renaming or reg hacks to worry about !
> > 
> > Cheers for the input though :-)
> > 
> > Mark

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