[THIN] Re: IBM Blade Performance using IDE 5400 rpm drives.

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Using other vendor products I can tell you that a 5400 IDE on a blade is
pretty slow. I am currently using the new IBM blades with SCSI on a project
and there is no perceiveable difference between them and a standard server
using SCSI.....

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Don't use 5400 rpm drives. It probably isn't a bottleneck, but it will feel
less snappy. I'd imagine the access and seeks times on that drive will be
blown away by a 15k scsi. 




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              Has any body used the IBM Blades with 5400 RPM?  Will this
cause the bottle neck if we use it? Should we upgrade the blades to the new
IBM SCSI drives before we commit ourselves in deploying Citrix. 



Any Replies is much appreciated.



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