[THIN] Re: I want to test PSE450W2K3R07

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  • Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 01:56:53 +0800

Not if you set your Zone Data Collector preference to Most Preferred, which
it should be anyway. The latest version thing is used during an election
when more than one server is set with the same preference level, or they are
all left as default.


The recommended order is for normal operational requirements. Putting a
"test" server in a production farm is fine. Just ensure the Data Collectors
are patched before deploying it to the rest of your production servers.





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Subject: [THIN] Re: I want to test PSE450W2K3R07


The XenApp server with the latest version automatically becomes the Zone
Data Collector.  Put your test VM into a test farm and test there.


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Subject: [THIN] I want to test PSE450W2K3R07




Looking to test PSE450W2K3R07 patch farm currently has PSE450W2K3R06 with
one other hot fix.


I just built a test VM to do some testing, from the best practices web site
I should install in the following order

1.      Zone data collector

2.      Backup zone data collectors

3.      Database connection server (Resource Manager)

4.      Primary farm metric server (Resource Manager)

5.      Backup farm metric server (Resource Manager)

6.      Member servers

I don't want ot install on any of these servers first until I am finished

Will this cause me any issues? 





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