[THIN] I have tried everything....I think

  • From: "Kevin Hopley" <khopley@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 14:27:52 +0100

A tricky one I feel:

NT4/MF1.8 server running short on disk space. The idea was to ghost the =
partitions and bring them back down to larger partitions on a new larger =
hard drive. This has worked fine before on other servers other than =
service failures as the ghosting process reallocates default drive =
letters C & D - start disk administrator and change drive letters back =
to x & Y ... sorted.

This particular server is not having any of it. After the ghosting =
process, restart the server and the server goes through a normal boot as =
far as the Metaframe back screen... there is still the odd flicker of =
disk activity but no CTRL/ALT/DEL screen is displayed - cannot logon, no =
network services so no network access.

I have tried the process in variety of different ways but always come up =
with the same result. I am sure it is down to the drive letter =
allocation cos when the original drive is put in as an extra drive in =
the server, the system (booting from the new disk) sees the old disk as =
X and boots normally.

I have also tried using volume manager - which incidentally also =
reallocates default drive letters to any volume that it plays with - so =
I get the same result.

Is there anyway to reallocate the drive letters prior to system =
start-up. I have looked on Technet and found an article that allows you =
to do it if the machine is booted and can access the registry. I have =
also tried loading the hive from the server onto another test server but =
the "Mounted Devices" section that Q223188 talks about is not available =
unless booted.

Has anyone else had anything similar or does anyone have any other way =
of increasing volume sizes??

Help please

Kev Hopley
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