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Ya, the bottom line of this doc is if you have 4 processors and turn it on
there isn't much worth to it. With 2 processors you get about 11%
performance increase. But looking at the charts it didn't seem very
significant in any one area and appeared that quite a bit less memory was
used if hyperthreading was turned off.

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Is it just me or are the graphs on that page some of the least informative

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I also found this recent doc from Citrix site:
CTX101880 How Hyper-Threading Affects User Capacity of Metaframe XP Servers

(link will probably wrap)

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Hmm found this document on Hyperthreading support from MS

In it states:
        All versions of the Windows 2000 operating system are fully
compliant with HT and should run without error on HT-enabled systems.
However, neither Windows 2000 nor any of its service packs support the
identification of HT processors. The type of modifications that are required
for HT processor identification and support are not typically supported in a
service pack. There are no plans to introduce this support in any future
Windows 2000 service pack.
        As a result, Windows 2000 treats each logical processor as if it
were an individual physical processor. The operating system attempts to
start each logical processor in the sequence in which it was listed by the
BIOS until the number of processors that have been started is equal to the
processor license limit for that version of the operating system. Table 1
shows the processor limits for Windows 2000 versions.

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